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My Ace is a year and a half old and I am still finding ways to spend money on accessories. I installed the Polaris lower door storage bags. I did not find any posts on these bags so I am attaching a couple of photos.

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This is a photo of the bags attached to the Polaris lower door with the door open. The bags are quite roomy. The bottom of the bag is 18" long and it is 12" high. The bag extends 3" from the door so it has quite a bit of storage capacity. I have both the roof bag and the trail bag behind the seat. I still found the need for storage that was within easy reach from the seat. The bags come in pairs so there is one for each door.

View attachment 4101

With the door closed, the bag is just above the cup holder which is circled in this photo. This may occasionally prove to be a problem as one time I got in deep mud and filled my cup holder with mud. I hope to never do that again.

The bags attach to the lower door frame with velcro straps. The list price from Polaris was $90. With tax and shipping it was $112.
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