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Polaris ACE Blasting A Riverbed [Pics]

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How deep in the water can the ace go???
The air intakes for engine and clutch are just above the bed, at about 40" off the ground with stock wheels/tires.
But I don't know how well the diff and gearbox breather hoses are snorkeled.

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I looked at the gearboxes.
There is actually no rear gearbox. The axles come straight out of the transmission. It has a breather which goes up just under the bed, and opens out a few inches below where the intake is.
The front diff has a similar tube which goes up under the front storage box, which is again a few inches below where the intake level is.
You could buy some longer pieces of clear vinyl tubing and run those breathers anywhere you wanted to - even up the roll cage if you felt like it.

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Great info guys...thanks
Yours truly :cool:
In the third pic, you look like you're daydreaming. Eyes on the road!! :)
Haha that's how comfortable the ACE made me feel ;)
This might be an issue for deep water too (CVT air output). It's lower than the bed.

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Good catch! Looks like that needs to be snorkeled up above the bet at least.
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