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With the holiday season upon us I have been finding myself using my ACE around the house a lot more then I anticipated. When I first saw the ACE I only imagined myself taking it out for solo rides at the nearby off-road park and blasting tight, twisty trails trails with it. While it does that great, I have actually been bonding more with the machine while it is at home.

Lately the ACE has been the perfect tool for the job. Whether it be moving tools from one side of the property to the other or hooking up a trailer and picking up piles of leaves and collecting firewood. I have a 10' long open trailer that the ACE pulls and parks wonderfully. So if the bed of the ACE isn't large enough for the wood run, I just hook up the trailer and load up enough to fill the space next to my fireplace in one simple load.

Another thing that makes the ACE handy around the house is the ease of ingress and egress. If my hands are full I can simply plop into the seat or if I have to move it just a few feet forward, then I can simply slide in and reposition the vehicle without the inconvenience of contorting my body into a race inspired cockpit. All little things that make a big difference when you're just driving around an acre or two.

It has also been super fun to have the ACE around for friends and family that have been stopping by. It's a vehicle that I feel comfortable throwing the keys to just about anyone. Its stability and ease of driving eases my mind when my Hot Rod Uncle asks to take it for a spin :)

I do wish my ACE had Turf-Mode, but all and all it has been a great machine and it has taken everything I have thrown at it with ease. So if you live on a larger sized lot and want a fun vehicle that is set up for both work and play, then definitely consider the Polaris ACE!
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