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Polaris Canvas Roof Quick Review

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Overall Impression: Good, but I feel Polaris could have done a better job with it.

I have had The Polaris canvas roof on my RZR for a couple of years, and I love it.
It is tough as nails. It stood up to all kinds of abuse - rubbing against tree bark, getting poked and scraped by branches, getting flapped around in the wind, etc.
What finally did some real damage is when I rolled my RZR. And the damage is just a few tattered spots on the 4 corners where it wraps around the roll cage.
It is cosmetic damage only, and it is still waterproof after 2 years.

What I like the best about it is that it provides a little extra sideways protection.
Where the poly roof angles way in to prevent breakage when rubbing trees, the canvas roof does not. It flexes when hitting trees.
That extra coverage is also good for sun shade.
I feel that it is less noisy than the poly roof, and it certainly weighs less.

The ACE roof has a couple of minor issues.
The holes for the roll cage mount fastener are not spaced correctly. I had to ream them out a little with a drill bit to get the canvas attached to the mounts.
Also, I feel that the seams don't align very well with the roll cage. That makes it difficult to get it tight, centered, and wrinkle free.
I am a little nervous about the mounts in the front staying put. They are plastic clamps with rubber inserts.
If they migrate on me, I will push them back down and then run self-tapping screws through them into the roll bars to hold them in place.
That is, after I see how they interact with windshield mounts.

I tried following the instructions for where to put the rear straps, but the roof tended to want to slip off of the bars toward the center, so I experimented with a couple different strap angles until I found one that worked well for me.
It's a good product, but either Polaris's design team slouched a little on it, or the QC is a little lax at the Chinese sweat shop where this thing is made.

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Hey Scoundrel, was wondering if that canvas roof can be removed easy if you wanted to take it off. I been debating on whether to go with one of those or the hard top. Do you think you hear more engine noise with it on there like I heard about the hard tops?
Removal: Super simple. 2 minutes tops, if it is using its own clamps. If it is sharing clamps with a windshield, then a few extra minutes to unscrew it from the clamps and put the screws back into the clamps.
Reinstallation: 10 minutes of fiddling with strap tightness and positioning to get it tight without wrinkles.

Noise level: I have never ridden the ACE without a top, and only for 5 minutes at sedate speeds on pavement with the poly top, so I cannot say.
The noise doesn't seem awful to me with the canvas top. A lot quieter in the cab than my RZR S even with its aftermarket "silent" exhaust.
Probably because with the RZR, the CVT is in the cab with you.
Great review and pictures, Scoundrel. I think that has convinced me to go for that top rather than the hard one. Your ACE looks awesome! And anyway, I do like convertibles:cool-new:!

The hard top is easier to remove and reinstall, in your garage.
But the soft top will fold up and stow in your trunk if you decide to remove it on the trail.
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That is exactly what I was thinking about, plus since it only would add the thickness of the canvas to the overall height, it may be a lot more convenient for me when I have to load it in my box trailer.

Wish we had more trails around the east coast like you have out in Washington State. I'll bet you have wonderful views when you get out in the woods or up on the mountain tops!
Yes, it does add about an inch and a half.
We have some amazing views here. Check out my web album: Off-Road Adventures!!
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