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Really Necessary?

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Just a little gripe: I sincerely doubt that it is necessary for Polaris to put this puppy together with so many different kinds of screws/bolts/fasteners. There are torx screws/bolts, Allen screws/bolts, metric hex screws/bolts, Phillips screws/bolts and those little fasteners and if I remember correctly some SAE fittings. Is all that really necessary? You have to have all your tools (if you are fortunate enough to own all the different types) to work on the machine. It is what seems to me to be an unnecessary pain in the posterior. And one more, I doubt that it really does not have to be that loud. Anyway, enough griping, I love my Ace when I am zipping along the twisting trails and would buy it again.
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Greybeard, today I decided that Polaris bought a battery and built an Ace around it. I tried to get my battery out and finally put it off to another day. The floor panel with the cup holder needs to be removed to get to the bolt that straps the battery in. It might be possible with extensions to get it out without removing the floor panel but with my old eyes it would be extremely difficult. I removed four TORX bolts and a fender rivet. Then I discovered that I needed to remove another size TORX bolt that attaches the door netting. It looked like there might be other TORX bolts that had to be removed also. I put everything back together until I have more time. My battery was not charged when I got the Ace and it never has been as strong as I think it should be. I am thinking about replacing it with a gel cell. I have one in my mule and it works much better than a wet cell for the mule.
@hayseed: did you remove seat by sliding it all the way forward off the tracks?
I did slide it all the forward off the tracks.
I agree. I am thinking that Polaris had quite a few design priorities that were ahead of serviceability. If we didn't like the darned things so much, we would really be griping. (smile). Say, I read somewhere on here that the battery box is much bigger than the battery so you might want to take the measurements and get a physically bigger gel battery...or not.
Could be worse................could be a Can-Am.......
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