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Replaced my Rip Saws with Dirt Commanders

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I just replaced my Sedona Rip Saws for Dirt Commanders. I had the rip saws on for a month and don't really have any complaints other than the weight just really bugged me.
Here are the weights:
2014 Polaris Ace

Sedona Rip Saw
25x8/12 26 lbs
25x10/12 31 lbs

Dirt Commander
25x8/12 21.7 lbs
25x10/12 26.2 lbs

Stock Tire
25x8/12 15.2 lbs
25x10/12 18.7 lbs

I backed all this info up by weighing them myself in a certified scale.

The rip saws were great for what I did. Mostly farming with mud and hard packed ground. I also have a lot of brush that has been shredded that makes flats common. No flats from rip saws. No wobble at high speeds. Top speed with rip saws about 49 mph. Stock tires 50 mph. I also got a flat with stock tires after 1 outing.
My 2nd concern was width.
Rip saw fronts about 49.5" wide.
Rip saw rears 50.5" wide.
Dirt Commanders fronts 48" wide.
Dirt Commander rears 49" wide.
Dirt commanders are also 8 ply and rip saws are 6 ply

I will report back with dirt commanders review after I run them awhile. Hope this helps.
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Not to rip on the Rip Saw tires, but I was just at a group ride, and one of the guys had Rip Saws on (it was a rental quad).
I rode behind him, and even at low speed, I watched one of his rear tires visible wobble as we taxied down the runway.
The rubber was clearly warped. It was not a bent wheel.
They really need to work on the MFG process and QC on those things.
I"m thinking about purchasing some dirt commanders. Are they much different than dirt tamers??? I went to a 26" but now want to go back to a 25" --just harder to steer for a lady. Thanks for the input. I would love to see some pics with the dirt commanders if possible.!!:eagerness:
EPS kit: $600 (plus installation which is kind of a pain)
Anyone have any experience with Interco Super Swamper Swamp Lite? 25x8x12 weigh in at 19lbs, 25x10x12 are 21lbs. They are a 6ply tire.

Edit: After doing more research, it seems there are some that are even lighter, I'm just looking for a good all-around tire that doesn't add too much weight.
Ran 27x10x12 Swamplites on all four corners on my Suzuki King Quad 450. They are heavy but are good in mud or trail hardpack. Keep them off pavement, they will wear the middle lugs. I think speed "balloons the tire at higher highway speeds" causing the middle to wear. Two set in 4000 miles and they had 80% tread on second set when sold... never a plug in any of the tires..... BIGHORNS ARE BEST ALL AROUND TIRE MADE .... MY OPINION!!!!
I agree that the Big Horns are a great tire. Had them on my RZR & now on my ACE. Good all around tire.

Ace with Dirt Commanders
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I ended up ordering the GBC After Burn's in 26x8 and 26x10...We'll see how they do, but they were one of the few tires that make the stock 8 & 10 widths in a 26" tire. They got some decent reviews online, and they were relatively inexpensive, costing about $380 shipped for all 4.
Update on Dirt Commanders: as soon as I put them on I could feel a vibration start at about 25mph and get worse at 30mph. I would of swore it was an engine vibration not a tire vibration. Low and behold I put stock tires back on just to check and vibration went away. One other thing on Commanders: rear end of Ace would slid out a little on curves. Thank God for Costco return policy! I returned them yesterday.
Bummer that you went through all of that.
What's up next? BigHorns? :D
As I was in my garage changing tires I noticed that the front rip saws were slightly larger than back stock tire. I may try 4 ripsaws 25x8. :)
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