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We use the Sena S20 bluetooth communications in our helmets when we fly Powered Paraglider's so we thought we try them on the trails. We like the hands free setup with NO PTT, listen to music, cellphone calls.
We were able to get away and ride about 75miles of mixed trails in Pa this weekend.
What we learned.
is you can just BS all day in a low normal speaking tone (very clear)(no yelling) map /trail directions etc we warned each other of hazards, sharp rocks stumps other riders etc with very low to no engine background noise.
They have limitations distance wise on (bluetooth only) when flying about 1/2 - to 1 mile line of site but seemed to work well on the trails all day and when we got seperated we can talk freely to locate each other hands free.
When we have linked in the cell phone we can listen to music (cuts out when you talk)and can be linked by cell towers through a cell connection (open line) or take or make calls to anyone or call each other (unlimited distance) when cell service is available free Verizon to Verizon.
All conversations are private....no open channel
Group chat can be set up, all linked in (no open channel) we use the feature for 2 and I think up to 20 can be added.
Bottom line, we liked how the system worked on the trails and we can chat like we were sitting next to each other in a quiet room but in a low tone crystal clear stereo like communication.
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