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Rescued a sand rail with my ACE at the dunes

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I went to a sand dune area yesterday.
I came around a corner and found a sand rail stuck in a tight spot.
He'd reached the crest of a hill and realized if he went down it, he'd come up against a barbed wire fence.
So he jammed on the brakes but it was too late, he was over the top.
And he didn't have a reverse gear either. He did have a winch on the back, but there was nowhere to winch to.

So I backed up to where he was and we strung the winch to my trailer hitch.
I put it in AWD low, and dragged his butt back up to level ground.
I was dug into the sand pretty far and was concerned that I'd gotten stuck, but when we disconnected the winch cable I climbed right out, easy as nothing.

I only wish someone were recording video.
An ACE, rescuing a sand rail twice its size at the dunes. Ha!
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Man that's great! It's the little ACE that could :D
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