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We're making room for new projects and it's time to let go of our Ace. This thing has been decked out with all kinds of sweet aftermarket upgrades, including a full communications setup from yours truly!
List of aftermarket additions include:

Walker Evans Coilovers (Front and Back) - $800
ITP Bajacross XD Tires with Bead-lock Wheels - $1000
Sand Paddle Tires - $800
Big Gun Exhaust - $552.99
Outlaw LED Lightbar - $400
2 Front Facing Outlaw LED Light Pods - $200
Aftermarket Doors - $350
PRP Custom Seats - $350
Custom Roll Cage - $1250
Assault Industries Parts:
-Extinguisher Quick Release - $169.95
-Shifter - $59.95
-Helmet Lock - $69.95
-Steering Wheel - $200
Rugged Radios Accessories:
-MAC 4.1 Pumper with Hose - $300
-Single Seat Harness with Steering Wheel PTT - $200
-Vertex 50 Watt VHF Mobile Radio with Roof Mounted Antenna - $399.95
(plug your wired helmet into the harness mounted plug and you're good to go)

Only 7.2 hours and 48 miles on the engine!

Asking Price: Was 14k, then 13k, NOW 11.5K

No shipping, Which is sweet because you'll be able to go with us to the Pismo dunes and enjoy your new toy when you come to pick it up!!

Pictures below!!


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More Pics:

The only issue with this awesome little beast is a cracked area on the bed. It's on the right (what would be passenger) side, around the strap handle. See picture below:

If you have questions, feel free to ask here
If you're interested, send me a PM.

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The Ace has been sold! We took it to the Sand Sports Super Show in hopes of not having to bring it back home and sure enough, one happy guy drove off with it. Apparently it was a birthday present for his wife! They were both super excited. Thanks for the interest and suggestions guys. Stay Rugged.
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