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Minneapolis, August 4, 2015- Polaris RZRs would dominate WORCS Round 7 which consisted of a regular-style WORCS race followed by a special enduro-cross style race on Saturday night.

For the WORCS Straddleline race, Polaris Factory Racers Ryan Piplic and Beau Baron would go one, two in the SxS Pro Class with Mickey Thomas, also racing a RZR, taking third.

In SxS Pro Stock, the podium also would be dominated by RZRs with Ronnie Anderson taking the win, Ray Bulloch in second and Ryan Holz in third. In SxS Unlimited Polaris Factory Racer Mitch Guthrie Jr. would take the top spot with Mark Holz and Jeff Obering filling out the podium. In Single-Seat racing, three Polaris ACEs would hit the WORCS track with Jacob Shaw taking the win, Brian Haag in second and Ronnie Anderson in third.

The enduro-cross WORCS X race would also see RZRs taking all the podium spots in the SxS Pro and SxS Pro Stock classes. In SxS Pro, David Haagsma would take the win with Polaris Factory Racer Mitch Guthrie Jr. taking second and Mickey Thomas in third. In SxS Pro Stock, Codey Rowley, Jacob Shaw and Ray Bulloch would take the top three spots.

The next WORCS race is Devore, Calif., September 25-27.

Ryan Piplic is sponsored by Polaris, Nelson & Nelson, Maxxis tires, Fox Shocks, Muzzys, Method race wheels, Rugged radios, Beard Race Seats, Antigravity batteries and Tire Blocks.

Beau Baron is sponsored by Polaris, Maxxis/H&M Motorsports, Holz, Sparks, Walker Evans Racing, Tire Blocks, Atvriders.com, ProMotorsports, Shoei, Eks Brand Goggles

Mitch Guthrie Jr. is sponsored by Polaris, Walker Evans, Nelson and Nelson racing, Muzzys Performance, Maxxis, Tireballs, Super ATV, Southwest Ground Control, Impact, UTVUnderground.

Ronnie Anderson’s Polaris ACE is sponsored by Polaris, UTVUnderground, Walker Evans Racing, Carr-One, Vision X, GBC Motorsports and RJ37.com.
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