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just a heads up for those with kids / grandkids that need a safety certificate. If you can not find one locally (best idea), you can take a course on line in Utah. It is a great course if you take the time to stop & do the stuff they talk about for real (not just watch on screen). If you just go straight through and take the online test, it takes about 3 hours & cost $30 AFTER THEY PASS. Not a slam dunk, they have to study and it is set up with quiz as you go through that if you do not pass, force you to go back & do over. Can stop and start over time (sign in with password) If you can get live course it is probably better, but this is decent way to give them some training. Since you do not pay until take the test you could use it as a free training tool if you do not need one in your state. I assume other states will accept it? :)

Official Utah ATV Safety Course - Online UT ATV Certification
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