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Snorkel kit

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Hi there, im new to the site and need a little help! Has anyone heard of a snorkel kit for the ace yet?
I am going to attempt it myself if not lol! Now i know i have to have the three stacks for my intakes
And my exhaust. I am a little confused on the vent lines i heard there are 8 but i can only think of 5.
Front/rear diffs, radiatior, fuel tank and pcv lines. Can anyone steer me in the right direction?
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Made my own View attachment 1132 exhaust for cvt will be longer, I just ran out of 2 inch pvc
Hey that looks great! You wouldnt happen to have any pics of under the engine compartment!? I have some ideas but i always like to see what others have done to see if there is something i may have overlooked. Thanx!
Here ya go View attachment 1137 , 2 3/4 elbow for the cvt exhaust
Awesome, thanx alot bud i appreciate it. Thats whats i love about this site everyone is so willing to help! Thanx again.
Looks good, me and the wife cant have anything sticking out beyond the roll cage, trees would just rip them off on the outside
DID IT :) i got my snorkels in, still have to fasten them to the rear roll bar so they dont move when im going thru the rough stuff but there done lol! Still have to test them too!
I have the Polaris bag behind the seat so I may have to come up through the bed. Looks good though!

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Looks great! I need to go test mine as well :)
Her is a behind the rear window/out of the bed version. View attachment 1263 View attachment 1264
I've been wondering about snorkeling with a rear window. Probably no way to go in front of the window right behind the seat is there?
You could come up behind the seat in front of the window, but then you have the vents in the cab with you unless you are willing to cut holes in you rear window or pipe them side ways. I have the storage bag behind the seat so the only way for me was out through the bed. I also put the foam pre-filters on the intake side for the belt and engine, more of a Mud Dobber deterrent than anything. Tested out real well with plenty flow and still get to 50 mph on the speedo.
How do you like the emp roof? I prefer the looks of the polaris one more but this one is about $30 cheaper and is made of aluminum.
I really like the EMP roof, super solid and bolts down with clamps on the cage. Many tough branches on the trails I ride and wanted something a little wider than the Polaris lock and ride version. A couple more inches of coverage for the heavy rain here, don't have to wipe my glasses off as much.
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Didn't figure since I believe they are in Kansas.
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