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Spark Arrestor

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Can anyone enlighten me about the design of spark arrestor on the Ace. I have read everything I can find on Google and cannot find out how the spark arrestor is implemented on the Ace. The Parts diagram of the muffler does not show a screen for collecting particles. There is a clean out plug so I assume the particles do collect in the silencer, part number 1262405-489. I have read the federal government requirements for off road vehicles and if I interpreted those correctly, the Ace must have a spark arrestor. I plan to go to some ATV parks in East Texas that require spark arrestors so I would feel more comfortable if I were a bit more knowledgeable.
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I am still searching for how the spark arrestor on the Ace is designed. The only thing that I have found in a Polaris document is this warranty statement on page 135 of the owners manual.

POLARIS further warrants that the spark arrestor in this product will meet the efficiency requirements of USFS standard 5100-1C for at least 1000 hours when subjected to normal use and when maintenance and installation are in accordance with POLARIS recommendations.

I found this statement by the SuperModerator of the PolarisATVForums.

No and yes.

No in the traditional way of a mesh screen insert in the exhaust like most sport atv or dirtbikes.

Yes, in the design of the stock muffler. The fact that the muffler outlet comes down and kicks out 90 degrees does the same as a traditional spark arrestor. That won't allow any ignited gases to flame out.

If you're asking because you are riding somewhere that requires a spark arrestor, and you have the stock muffler still, you are completely legal.

Essentially you can not have a through and through muffler, like a dirt bike or sport quad would.

Having talked with a local DNR guy, he told me his test is this: can I shave a stick all the way through your exhaust without restriction. If yes, ticket. If no, you're good.

A stock Polaris exhaust would be a no, because of the placement an 90 degree turn on the outlet.

I don't know whether this applies to the Ace. I looked at the tail pipe coming out of the muffler and it does have a 90 degree turn. I would sure appreciate a response from a knowledgeable person. I suppose that I can carry my owner's manual with me to parks that require a spark arrestor hoping that they will accept the Polaris guarantee.
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If you look through the "grill" in the rear bumper, you'll see the part number stamped in the muffler heat shield & "USFS qualified". You are good.
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