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spent wheel bearings

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150 miles and wheel bearings are junk did'nt even get the thing wet ! dealer says normal ware, steering like crap ! $ 140 for all balls bearings had to buy them and install myself . so much for the warranty. HaHa .thing steers great now highly recommended ! also had to remove primary clutch and loctight the inner case bolts so they would stop rubbing on the back of the clutch . way to go polaris ! anyone else have these problems with there ace ? if so i'm having a special on ace repairs this week only half price of dealer service ! that should make me rich as hell . lol .
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Welcome to the forum!

If your wheel bearings were shot after 150 miles, and your dealer says that is normal wear and tear, you need a new dealer.
I have nearly 700 miles and no issues with my bearings. If you did not abuse the machine, yours should not have worn out.
Most warranty conflicts (things not being covered) are because the dealer doesn't go to bat for the customer, or the customer is not admitting the abuse.

We did have one other user post about the clutch bolts coming loose, but it's not a common occurrence.
I had the clutch issue as well. I posted it quite awhile back. I have 975 miles on my Ace and wheel bearings are so far so good. The things I have has happen so far are the inner clutch cover bolts, crooked rear roll bar that was welded wrong, throttle cable was rubbing on the exhaust, speedometer went bad, and the decals constantly bubbling. I get a glitch in the matrix lol every now and then at start up where it will run in limp mode for a short bit and doesn't throw a code. Other than that that's it for me so far but that's enough.
That is a bummer. No problems yet with my ACE, and I am crossing my fingers.
I guess with any production line you get some problems.
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