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I picked up an urban beatz tundra 10w portable Bluetooth speaker yesterday at Target for $80 thinking I might be able to use it in the Ace as well as around the house. I wasn't sure how I was going to mount it but had a few ideas so today I started toying with it a bit and came up with a simple yet extremely functional mounting system.
I didn't take any photos during assembly but it's easy enough I think verbal instructions will suffice. This is the unit.

I used 2 Quick Fist clamps, a couple long heavy duty zip ties and 2 small bolts with some washers I had laying around.

I started by removing the 6 Allen head screws on the front so I could remove the front face plate. I then pulled back the rubber housing just enough to be able to access the bottom of the housing on the bottom side of the speaker(opposite the buttons). I then positioned the quick fist clamps where I wanted them and marked the mounting holes to be drilled. Be careful to Only drill through the outside rubber housing and not the hard plastic under it. Then insert the bolts with washers from the inside of the rubber housing through the housing so that the bolt head is between the rubber and hard plastic interior(needle nose pliers help). Then place the quick fist clamps over the bolts followed by a washer and nut. Tighten as well as possible but do not expect it to be too sturdy. This is where the zip ties come in. The quick fists have 2 additional holes that you will run the zip ties in and then wrap the entire perimeter of the speaker.

This will tighten everything up and make the mounts secure. When the zip ties are in place and tight, make sure the outer gasket is properly aligned and reinstall the face place and the 6 Allen screws. Be careful not to over tighten because they are easy to strip. Here is the finished product.

I have not tested this speaker at full throttle but I believe it will be loud enough since it will be mounted very near the drivers ears. I have also not tested the battery life but it is claimed to be 7hrs. We are going riding this weekend and I will be able to give a better review after that. The great part is since its wireless and quickly detachable it can be used for many activities other than the Ace. Around the house, yard, on the mower etc. Basically it fits any round or square tubing from 1-2.5 inches.
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