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Street Legal? BE CAREFUL!

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Cars and trucks will NOT be looking out for you, so you have to look out for yourself.
Just like a motorcycle.

The story is here.

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Pictures aren't working...

But yeah, I avoid main roads like the plague, except for the tiny strech I have to go on to get gas. It's just too dangerous.
I noticed that right after posting and was fixing them. You beat me to it.
Ouch! Sounds like it may have been the RZRs fault...
Just updated the OP. 22yr old UTV driver and 14yr old passenger taken to hospitals for treatment, no updates yet.
Pickup driver sustained minor injuries, was treated and released.

The UTV pulled in front of the truck, which tried to stop but could not.
I thought you could only take these on 35mph roads? That looks like a freeway
Depends on the state. I dont think AZ has any road restrictions in the language.
Headed there this weekend

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This happened in WV. Don't know the laws there, but I suspect it was not legal road use.

However, whether this instance involved legal use or not, the danger is the same and it's a good example to hold up as a reminder to use caution and think things through.
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In areas in wva around the hatfield mccoy trails it's legal to ride on the roads

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Is there a limitation for roads with a high speed limit in WV? This happened in Logan County.
Around here even with street legal kits we can't go on roads with a speed limit higher than 35mph. And I think that's just as well.
In Idaho, I understand they can go on higher speed limit roads, but not major interstate highways. Which also makes sense.
In WV each town can regulate if, when, where and so forth on atv riding. Now the official rules state that you can only ride on roads with out a dividing line, 5 miles mph under the posted speed limit but no more that 25 miles mph. Now in reality if you are acting like you have some since most times you can ride on any road except major highways. This means having your helmet on, an valid drivers license and obeying common traffic laws. The people in the wreck in the SxS should not have been trying to cross the intersection but it is done very often with no problems from law inforcement. The biggest issue is the few who do not follow the laws are going to ruin it for the rest of us. I personally have been escorted by a State Trooper back to the trail exit for our own safety, blue lights and all. Its was pretty cool.
Hey guys, I used to work in Logan county quite a bit. I am all too familiar with ATV accidents in that area as my company provided personal care assistance and I had to do intake and referrals to a few that were victims of wrecks and most without helmets. Anywho, It is not legal to ride in Logan county on the main roads "persay"... but the cops tend to turn a "blind eye" to the locals and even the ones from out of state riding the hatfield and McCoy trails there, unless they are wreaking havoc. This is old country mining towns and the "*******" gauge is fairly high in that area...I say that with the utmost respect...Great people in that area, but this was in an area where you would come out of one community and cross over the interstate to get to another community, they are so spread out down there. Im sure the laws will be changed/enforced now since this happened, and a blind eye wont be turned any longer. :(
We stayed at big earls this past may. It is on the little coal river system. You can not get to ivy branch unless you trailer or travel about a half mile on a major divided highway. While we were there a state trooper stopped at the campground because there was discussion on using the highway to get to ivy branch. He went back to the station and looked it up. He said there is no law saying that you can't use the berm. He said he would not say anything as long as we used the berm and stayed close to the rail.

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Just curious does anyone know if you can make the Ace street legal in NY?
My 325 is farm/agri road legal same as tractor and use flashing beacon for on road use which helps other drivers to be aware of slower machine. However this is not a excuse for not paying attention on the main road or bad driving. I would not go out without beacon on highway.
In areas in wva around the hatfield mccoy trails it's legal to ride on the roads

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In SOME areas around HM it's legal... but.not all areas
I live in Spain. Two ACE's are imported the standard and international. The latter is road legal here and is registered as such. It is fitted with all the normal car type controls. Has a three way drive selector, wing mirrors, hand brake etc.
The former is off-road only, driving on secondary roads from one off-road location to another is allowed. It has a E registration (tractors, dust carts etc) and is speed restricted to 50 kph. Road tax and other tax's are much cheaper.
I ride on public gravel roads and some paved roads between the gravel roads, but none are major highways. Not many people drive on them, and I turn on my headlights.
It's just to get from one area to another, no more than 5 minutes or so at the most. Until I get a ticket, I will continue. I don't go fast. I don't think my Ace has ever gone over 35 mph.
I normally run around 20 mph on roads. I see farm and timber equipment running these roads more than I do, without lights. I know it's legal for them, as long as they have the orange triangle.
In UK all slow moving vehicles must use amber flashing beacon when on public roads. I may not legally require a beacon but I feel a lot safer using one on road. My 325 Ace is a international model and is farm road legal with stock off-road tyres and turf mode, does not need annual MOT test or road tax. Full road legal would require road tyres and annual MOT when three years old and pay road tax.
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