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Ace suspension set-up. If you just want the final set-up – scroll down to Configuration 5. For those wanting to know what I tried along the way, it’s detailed below.

Machine: 2016 Ace 900SP
Accessories adding weight: Polaris Winch, Extreme Bumpers (Front and Rear), Full Doors, Low Profile Rock Sliders, UHMW skid plate. MTX Overhead Audio
Additional weight: 20lbs of tools in front storage area, 40lb storage box in rear. 165lb driver. Sometimes a spare-tire.

Riding style/type
Midwest, tight technical, steep hills, deep ruts, rock/creek crawling, some fire-roads, very little paved. Typically ride the black trails because that’s what my riding group tends to target.

Please keep in mind, we all have different experience levels and expectations. While my final set-up works very well for me, it may not be a fit for your riding style or machine.

Problem: Factory springs very weak and completely insufficient when machine loaded with multiple accessories. Sag and ground clearance unacceptable – especially if machine muddy or carrying spare-tire. Easy to bottom front shocks after bumper and winch installed.

Goals. Increase ground clearance, improve slow to mid speed ride comfort – especially from mid size rock impacts, maintain machine stability. Not overuse/abuse capabilities and limitations of existing front strut assembly.

Configuration 1:
Added 26” ITP Terracross tires on factory rims – same size front and rear.
Removed front sway-bar
Ride improvement is considerable, slightly more ground clearance from the taller ties (.25”) front articulation better in the rocks and rough stuff. Note: More care must be taken during abrupt or high-speed turns.

Configuration 2:
Added 2” lift kit to factory shocks/springs. Same rims and tires as Configuration 1.

Ground clearance improved, but problem with springs being too weak to carry the load (especially if loaded down with mud) remained. Ride was also harsher compared to Configuration 1 – even with same shock settings. Developed an alignment issue.

Configuration 3:
Removed lift kit. Retained tires from Configuration 1
Added spring kit from a popular provider.

Ground clearance improved, but the ride was so stiff and harsh (especially in the front) that it was not workable. There was zero “sag” in the front suspension. Adjusting the preload to make it more compliant wasn’t possible because the spring was then not long enough and would rattle around on the shock at full extension. I believe there is another reviewer that had a similar experience and ultimately resolved the problem himself.

Configuration 4
Retained spring kit adapters/adjusters, tires from Configuration 1
Removed springs provided by popular provider (Note: 10 inch spring length)
Added 12 inch 110lb springs to front ½” preload (Requires preloading spring)
Added 12 inch 150lb springs to back 1” preload (Requires preloading spring)

Pros: Great ground clearance, smoother ride, still a bit harsh on rocky trails.
Cons: Not as stable – more tippy feel. Steering a bit more numb. Still too much sag in rear, front too stiff.

Configuration 5x – Current set-up for roughly the last 250 miles.
(Note: There were over a dozen different spring/a-arm/tire combinations tested. This was the best fit for my riding style and experience. Modify at your own risk. )

Stock shocks – front and rear, using spring adapter/adjusters
80lb front springs 12” - ½” preload – post install
170lb rear springs 12” - ½” preload - post install
Front sway bar removed
Rear sway bar installed
27x9x14 radial tires (QBT446) with 4/3 offset rims (front psi 6.5, rear 8.5 psi)
High-clearance 1.5” forward A-arms
Smaller diameter steering wheel
Alignment - Zero or “neutral” toe
RZR seat

Tires seemed to help with the numb steering, slightly wider track drastically improved stability and seems to work well with the spring rates. Have roughly 2” of sag front and rear after the springs settled – that’s with my person and gear. Fully loaded it has right at 12 inches of ground clearance at the lowest point.

Rides and handles great on slow and mid-speed technical trails. Huge improvement in ride comfort through the seat - especially on sharp obstacle impacts like rocky higher speed trail sections. I’ve hustled it fast and pushed it hard on some of the open H&M trails. It handles the wash-outs and natural whoops much better than stock, and makes it much easier to carry speed through the rougher sections. Didn't have any issues of the front bottoming out as I did with the stock set-up.

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Hit me up if you have questions. Happy to help
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