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The ACE's max speed?

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I took my ACE on two poker runs this weekend and it did awesome, the trails consisted of tree roots/large rocks and river/creek beds. I got a ton of looks, stares and finger pointing...people are intrigued with these things and apparently mine is the first one that over 900 people at a poker run had seen in person :) My question of the day is "how fast will the ace go? I had her up to 50 mph trying to keep up with the can ams and rzr's, and she was struggling at 50 on the hardtop ( I know all you safety guru's...I know, no need to preach :) Anyway at 50 mph, the RPMs were at 8000-8200 and the engine sounded completely wound out. She also started jerking like she had a governor on her or something. Has anyone else had there's above 50 and if so...how did it run?

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Several people have reported 53 mph at 8500 RPM.
They had less than 100 miles on it.
I rode over 80 miles on Saturday. Top speed wasn't my goal but I did ride at 45mph for a while. I wouldn't want to be pushing 50 or over for any length of time. With stock tires anyway, the Ace is screaming at that speed. It started to vibrate pretty bad at close to 50. For me anything over 45mph and it seems like you're pushing it. That's plenty fast for me. I only need that speed on fire roads and smooth rail beds.
About 50 for me too on stock tires.
It very well may have a rev limiter in the ECU...just like a mc
I got mine to 60, stock tires on a dirt road.
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