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Most accessories list as available:
Sport Roof
Canvas Roof
Full Poly W/S
Mid Windshield Poly
Sport W/S Poly
Rear Panel, Poly
Front Brushguard
Rear Brushguard
Nerf Bars
Scabbard Mount
Rear Cargo Box
2500# Winch
3500# Winch
Rear A-arm Guards
Trailerable Cover

Delayed:(dates are estimates)
MTX Audio-unknown
Ogio Rear Cargo-unknown
Trail Bag 2/3/14 at Polaris
Overhead Storage Bag 2/3/14 at Polaris
Mesh Rear Panel 2/21 at Polaris
Rear View Mirror-unknown
Fender Flares-2/5/14 at Polaris
Front a-arm guard 2/11/14 at Polaris

So overall Polaris has done a great job at having accessories available at time of launch. Going forward unknown accessory availability, but as of today that's the case.

Any other questions I'll try and keep updated

Toby Cofiell
Glastonbury CT 06033
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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