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Thoughts on painting Ace hood and speedo housing

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I think there is too much black on the front end of the Ace, I think the hood and speedo housing would look good painted to match the white plastic, I thought i would buy a can of Krylon Fusion and test it out for color match. Everybody please give thoughts. Aftermarket people think about redesigning a more streamlined hood! I would buy one! the cage is next on my modification list, it will not fit into my toyhauler height wise. Luge.
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My thought is that it will scratch off easily, especially if you hit it with a rattle can, and it will look bad quickly and be hard to restore to black if you want to take the paint off, since there are so many angles.
I would try automotive paint with a flex agent.I think there is to much black too.Brush guards powder coated white or red would look good and really stand out.
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Hey there Scoundrel, those are some great points!, thats why i asked for everybodys thoughts. the hood and speedo housing should not see too much abrasion, my thoughts were if it did not work out i have a pressure washer to blast the paint off. What are your thoughts on the looks of a white hood and speedo housing?.Luge
Does anybody have any knowledge with plasti dip? pros/cons?
Hey there Scoundrel, those are some great points! What are your thoughts on the looks of a white hood and speedo housing?.Luge
I don't really have an opinion on the color change, to be honest.
I know this is an old post, but plasti dip would be great. The Pro with Plasti dip is its easily removable. The key is the more coats the better, 6-8 coats. You want to build up the coats gradually. There are tons of youtube videos on the stuff. Also check out dipyourcar.com they have tons of colors, options, metalizers, etc. I've used the stuff on tons of things from emblems on cars to wheels, to my old quad.
How'd this work out? I've used Krylon, It's terrible. I kinda pondered a truck Bedliner material. That stuff will never come off... But it won't be smooth either.
My whole truck is plastidipped. Dipyourcar.com has hood how to videos.
For me it worked great! I actually just plast dipped my front and rear brush guards blaze orange! I think it looks sick with the voodoo blue. It is just like having someone wrap vinyl on a surface. Once your tired of it peel it off and start fresh. I've done 4 sets of wheels on daily drivers. The one set is coming up on a year and they still look good. I do know that if you "prime" with plast dip you can coat with krylon fusion (different colors,sheens etc) and you can still peel later. If you were to top coat with another type of paint removal later on could be an issue.
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