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Took my ace up to waste deep water..

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Watch "Sportsman ace waste deep water!" on YouTube
Sportsman ace waste deep water!:

Filled up the air filter box.
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Looks like you had fun! I'm going to pass on trying that. Rain water or washing is the only water I want on my ACE :)
Yea it was fun, till filled it up with water got other videos going threw about knew deep mud/water. But the ace so far with stock rzr tires does amazing!
Thank you for posting it shows what the ACE can do! The Ace is really proving to be an Amazing machine!
It did great considering how deep that was! Did you get the engine to start again or is it still locked up?
Winched it home then took the air filter box off cleaned it put it back on left the air filter out but closed it back up tried it a couple times and started right up. And it did great I love it I'll try to post those other videos. Bc be for I got one I know I spent weeks looking for mudding videos to see how it did.
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Glad to hear it! Hopefully we will have some vendors on the site soon that make a nice snorkel kit for the ACE. Then you can really see how deep it goes :)

More videos would be fantastic! I don't think we can ever see enough.
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Cool video!!
Cool! Make sure you check all your fluids for water, including the diffs.
Man that looks fun, before I get it that deep, I'll figure a way to add a snorkel and protect the air filter. Thanks for the vid.
Ha yea I'm going to be looking at building one this weekend.
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