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trails 5-29 western Wis or minnesota

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We had planned to take grandson to Snowy Range in Wyoming at end of the month, but it appears that there will be too much snow to go most places. Can anyone suggest ATV trails in Minnesota or Western Wisconsin that we can take a 12 year old with supervision. Looking for a fair amount of trails & as little mud as possible. He is a decent rider. Will be all ATVs & an Ace

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Doug. There are some good trails out of dannbury Wisconsin that run north to state forest in minn then turns back into wisconsin goes down throught solo springs some mud but most trails are smooth , check out minnesota dnr sight for atv trails also wisconsins dnr sight , we run about 200 miles on Saturday s when we go out on these
Doug we run out of danbury wisconsin north up the gandy dancer to the state forest witch has a lot of nice trails then we head back out to Wisconsin and run south througyt solo springs back to danbury its about 150 miles round trip on a saturday has nice wide trails that are groomed in wisconson but not minnesota mud trails are the off shouts of the main trails
Thanks for the info. anyone know if either Minnesota and / or Wisconsin accept kids certifications from other states or if they have to have one from that state. Trying to get him certified here before we go. Not an issue out in Wyoming, so had not worried about it till today.
Check with mn dnr web sight they require a certification of atv training between ages of 11 , 16 does not say if out state certs are good . Think they have on line class for training they also have toll free phone # on there sight minnesota dnr web sight they have the info hopes this helps also has trail close info or if there open about half are open now to wet for the north trails yet
I ride in the Soo pits just outside of Moose Lake, MN. It is a great place for all levels of riders. It has narrow trails through the woods, wide gravel trails & a big scramble area where you do what ever you want.
when you say Soo pits, are you talking the south Soo line or something else? (I am familiar with town of Moose Lake off I-35) I assume that the snow is all melted out up that way by now?
The soo Pits are just off the Soo Line trail. The pits are maybe 2 miles outside of town. Parking for the Pits can be found in town at the 1918 fire museum. Check the MN DNR website for more details. The last of the snow melted about 2 weeks ago. I was riding there yesterday and will be again next weekend.
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