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UTVGiant ACE doors now in stock! $399.99 Shipped!

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Well we finally got our Ace doors in stock! These things are tricky to make, we can see why not many other companies have come out with them yet. We have a couple of cool things on these doors that we've developed after making hundreds of doors for the RZR's. I'll get a video soon of installation and everything but I can tell you they are cool!

ACE Full Doors - Black *IN STOCK!

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Do these help with motor noise or hold more of it in?

How about heat increases? Did you ride it enough prior to install of proto types to tell the difference?
Any way to get a different color but black? How about red or at least a white panel with a red frame??
I'd say best bet to find a local place that does wraps to match the white and wrap the doors. Maybe with the red strip to match the same pattern.
We can definitely do different color schemes what do you guys think?

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Would be very interested if they were color matched to the machine. I like the looks of them.
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I bought these for my wife. Having problems installing them. No Directions! I am very mechanically inclined and had problems lining everything up. Anybody else that installed these have any input would be much appreciated.
they are a pain in the *** the driver and passinger side are totally different. i wish i would have takin pics. dont try to email them your wasting ur time. i bought cage and doors got shorted some parts for the cage emailed them 4 times no response. they are just happy to get rid of the stuff.
Check out my post on these doors http://www.aceforums.net/forum/30-ace-accessories/814-utvgiant-ace-doors.html#post6841. Mine and another person door hatch was put on wrong. I have picture on everything.
I look forward to the vendor chiming in and offering to help resolve these issues.

Until that happens, if you have issues and have been unable to get them resolved by contacting the vendor directly, feel free to post the facts of the issue here but please refrain from making it personal. It's good for prospective buyers to be aware of potential issues but let's not burn anyone at the stake just yet.
well no response imagine that
well no response imagine that
This does NOT set well with me, seeing as how they are a supporting vendor. I would have second thoughts about purchasing one of their products, if their response to a disgruntled customer is silence.
I just tried to send a Private Message to alert them that they need to have a look at this and respond.
The forum software says this:

"The following errors occurred with your submission
utvgiant has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages. Therefore you may not send your message to him/her.
If you are trying to send this message to multiple recipients, remove utvgiant from the recipient list and send the message again."

What forum supporting vendor disables PMs?
I'll mention this to 4Nines.
Thanks I have made the rest of the cage but it sucks with no support
I called UTV giant about the issues I had with my doors, aka the brackets switched right to left (just the black 90 degree bend bracket) and they responded right away, texted me pics and helped me through it all with the other issue I had.

I would say give them a call, the customer service was great.
Some vendors are more tech-oriented than others.
Not everyone likes to communicate and do business in forums and e-mail.
But they should probably make an effort to indicate that fact to buyers.
Same here I called them and they were very helpful. They told me that the brackets were switched. He even took pics and text me them. Once all was resolved the doors went on easy and look awsome. Wife is happy with doors and that means I am happy. I think these doors look great
Sorry guys I have all I can handle with rzrforums I rarely check aceforums.

We had about 15 ACE doors that had the brackets reversed at the factory. It's one of those things that if you had a heads up it was backwards you could switch it out in 5 minutes but if you had no idea you might spend 4 hours figuring out what the heck was going on... My apologies.

Ace door sales have picked up a bit lately, I still think we're one of the only companies selling full doors for these things. They are tricky to manufacture beacause the driver's and passenger's sides are different from one another, not just mirror images.

Sorry I have PM's turned off for aceforums. Email me at the email on our website or call.

I WANT A SET BAAAADDDD!!! Just can't afford em' right now. Maybe one day. :)
how is the doors different that the rzr doors? why is the latch at the bottom and not at the top like the rzr doors, i've got utv giant doors and they are great , Jake has always been there for me when anything was wrong
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