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UTVGiant Ace Weld-it-Yourself Knockdown Cage Kit in Stock!

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Sportsman ACE Weld-it-Yourself Cage Kit

Weld it together yourself kit, all tubes are pre-cut, pre-notched, pre-bent, and labeled for an easy job, right on your ACE!

Made from .095 USA steel tubing, this cage kit features radius bends on the roofline for a high-end look. Cage sits 5" lower than the factory cage's highest point. If you are 6'1" or shorter you will be ok.

Integrated rear bumper looks cool and adds to the overall strength.

Ships in one box via UPS for quick and easy delivery to Canada and rural areas.

We have these kits in stock and ready to ship same-day!

Does not come with roof or light tabs or mirror. Does come with grab handle on left side as pictured. Comes with all of the tubes labeled for easy assembly.

$820 Shipped to your door.
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will a roof fit it or does one have to fabricate one's own?
More pictures please!...360degrees?
What is the weight diff between this and the old cage?
We will have an aluminum roof available for around $150 soon as these things start selling, just like we do on our RZR weld-it kits. The roof will be $150 or so shipped FYI.

I'm not sure the weight difference, I would guess it adds 30-40 lbs with the rear bumper and the thicker steel. I'll get exact weights and report back.
Will the front windshields that are already out work with the front of this roll cage?
I am looking for a cage constucted like this in 2021. The link is no longer valid. Does anyone know where I can obtain one like this?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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