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Vader's and bighorns.

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View attachment 659 View attachment 659 I love them so far but they do stick out some. Looks mean as hell though.
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Yes I do agree mean look. Great choice!!
They are 14's also. I don't think they look out of proportion at all.
Great looking Ace! We just bought one for our son for Christmas. Dealer is installing black Vader wheels and BigHorns today. I'll pick it up later this week. Thanks for the pic.
Nice rig, how do you like the box? I have a cooler in mine as I will be using it for work but need more storage space. Was wondering if the box could hold a small cooler. Also thinking of getting the smallest yeti or like cooler to open the back up for a small storage box to hold my air compressor and tools
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There is not a lot of space back there. A small cooler may fit it would have to be no more than 10" tall and 9x12". If its shorter than 8" tall, it can possibly have a larger base but you would have to angle it in there.
I found a Plano box at Fred Meyer that holds a lot of stuff, but still has room on the side for a gas can.
Lots of options for storage in the rear bed.
NICE!! Wantin wheels and tires for mine just wanna keep em' light and not increase the width.
Did you need wheel spacers at all. I have the same wheels and am looking to put 26 or 27s on my Ace 570 SP
Looks good, I just put big horns on myself..
I have a small cooler in my cargo box. The bad thing about a cooler in the box is the cooler is introduced to massive amounts of heat in the box and consequently the ice melts very fast. The exhaust has actually burned through one of my friends boxes, for that reason I put a 3/8 inch piece of heavy duty mud flap under my cargo box to try to isolate the heat somewhat. The ice still melts but seems to last a bit longer than before, and haven't had any burn through as my buddy did
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