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weather checking

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Looking over the stock tires on my new Ace. They all show weather cracking. Polaris must have gotten a deal from Carlisle. Hold air so guess they are golden LOL
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I'd be taking them right back to the dealer. That's a load of crap.
Yep mine were cracked really bad. Only one out of three ace's at Bristows had good tires. I got rid of factory tires and put Vaders with big horns on.
My stockers look ok. The dealer installed Bighorn's on polaris wheels, 26x11-14 rear, 26x9-14 front. Its now 54" rear. 52" front.
Luge got any pics of those wheels and tires
Luge, it's looking good there!!
Thank you!, I am still waiting on my rock rails.
do u know what the offset is on those wheels, i put the same combo on mine (came off buddys 800) took alittle power away. i (my son) liked them but i wanted a little wider stance. whats ur take so far pros and cons
I do not know for sure, but i think the offset is the same as a rzr 800, i looked on my invoice but did not see a part# for the wheels. I only drove the ace in the parking lot of the dealer with the stock wheels, so i cannot really say about the power loss, I wanted the wider stance also for stability! I accidentally ended up in a gully saturday night that I believe if i would have had the stock wheels and tires on, it would have rolled over on its side, one of my friends was standing there and could tip it up with very little effort! It was right on the edge of rolling!!! Glad I had the wider wheels and tires.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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