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Welcome to ACEForums.net. The internet's premier Polaris Sportsman ACE forum! ACEForums.net is a community dedicated to the first single seat off road production vehicle that crosses the line between ATV and Side X Side. Our goal is to be a friendly community comprised of Sportsman ACE owners and enthusiasts. We have many areas of interest on the site, including the main ACE Forum, ACE Pictures and free photo galleries for all members.

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Welcome to you too.
It'll be nice to watch how things progress.
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You gotta be kidding me. The ACE was just announced today. Brand new forum here and yet.....1300 people viewing this section RIGHT NOW!!! Wholly Cow ! Polaris is going to have a huge hit with the ACE.
Will be trading in my 09 Rzr 800 for an ACE in order to be able to run all trails.Rzr is set up to wide.
I said back in 2012 on polarisatvforums.com that they should come out with a single seater! Hey how about a discount polaris!?
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Like I said I traded in my 09 RZR on an ACE. Brought it home Thursday nite. Have only put a few miles on it so far. Really impressed on the power that little motor puts out. Just breaking it in so have not run it to hard yet. Will be able to run a lot of trails at the Outlaw Jamboree this fall at Eager AZ that I could not run the last 5 years.
Short bed I agree with you this little motor really packs a punch for it's size.Ijust picked mine up on saturday and rode all day.I had so much fun with it I put on 119 miles that day.I ride the trails in Mn. and this machine just totally impressed me.I traded a 850 scrambler on this machine,but this little machine did not lack for power going up and around the hills on the trail.I think this machine is a big hit,can't wait to take my bigger tires off my 550 and put them on my Ace.
Glad to hear you're way happy with it! And welcome to the forum!
what part of Washington you in I'am in central Oregon. New to form. Am look into 570 Ace! What do you think of the ace so far?
what part of Washington you in I'am in central Oregon. New to form. Am look into 570 Ace! What do you think of the ace so far?
Welcome! I'm about 30 miles north of Seattle. I love the ACE, but I wish I'd waited 6 months to get the 570. But I'm coping for now and may get one next year.
You might want to check out Dirt Church ATV Riding Group. They're in Couger, WA just across the border from OR. Here's their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/DirtChurchATV
welcome to the forum. I'm in the Portland area.
Hello all,
Just joined and a proud owner of a 15 Ace 570.
Much is needed to get it up to the way I want it:lol:
Land vehicle Vehicle All-terrain vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire
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Think I will go with the 570 also. think the 32 hp is not quite big enough for me. 6 2 300 lb. how does it do at hi altau? Ew live at 2700 ft hunt at 34 3600. Will be riding in Colorado up around 9000 to 11,500 ft. Can hardly wait.
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Welcome to the forum, both of you!

When my time comes for the 570, I'm going to have to look closely at the blue vs white. In theory, I'd rather go with the blue.
But the pictures I've seen so far make me wonder if I'd really like that color months down the road, or if I'd feel like I was getting into a vehicle that was wallpapered with shop towels.
It's not as deep and rich a blue as I'd like.
In wonder what color options will exist for the 2016 lineup...

It does just fine at high altitude. See this thread: http://www.aceforums.net/forum/10-ace-pictures-videos/714-ace-paiute-atv-trail.html
Thank's for the info Scoundrel. Almost had the wife talked into one last night,but she said if I had a Ace then she need one also. What is good for the gander is good for the goose. So she say's So guess we will be getting the 325 an 570. Will find out next year. That is OK we enjoy ridding together.
Scoundrel Birdkiller5 Wife and I test drove the Ace yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are both getting the Ace 325. The 570 is more than I need for what we do. It is going to be long winter. Thank again for info and any thing you discover over the winter Thanks again
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Awesome! You'll love the gas mileage.
I did an 82-mile cruise on mostly service roads over a couple of mountains last week, and when I got back I still had half a tank of gas left according to the gauge.
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Scoundrel Bidkiller 5 here. We test rode the Ace. Trying to figure out why they did not put engine break in this motor? Wife say's when it acted as if it did have one, may be I had in hi. I did not get that feel going down step hill!Are you still thinking of going to the 570 or going to stick with Ace? We are getting ares next Aug.
I guess they didn't feel like an engine brake was needed. Most times I don't feel the need for it.
If you put it in low gear and blip the throttle when you start down the hill, that does engine braking very well.
But for some people that is not good enough and they talk of installing a one-way bearing in the clutch.

I still have not decided whether I will eventually go to the 570, and I will not be making that decision until after Polaris announces the 2016 lineup in July.
yeah no EBS or whatever they call it...not in the 570 either from what I understand.
if you keep the engine RPM up so the clutch is engaged you do get the compression braking from the motor but as soon at the clutch unloads it freewheels.
50/50 camp on if people like it. sometimes I do and sometimes I don't.
On my scrambler I have to constantly feather the throttle so it doesn't skid the back tires going down a hill, don't have to do that on the Ace.
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