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What's in your "OH Crap Pack"?

Here's mine:

1. Drive belt.
2. Slime compact 12v pump.
3. Tire plug kit and extra plugs.
4. Screwdrivers
5. Needle nose plier with wire cutter.
6. Multimeter.
7. Assorted mini and normal blade fuses and electrical connectors.
8. Mini brass brush.
9. 18ga black/red 2-conductor wire.
11. Electrical tape.
12. Mini jumper cables (more for emergency charging than for jumping - small gauge).
13. Cheap crappy pocketknife.
14. Stubby crescent wrench.
15. Metric socket set (10mm-19mm).
16. 3/8" ratchet.
17. short and medium socket extensions.
18. 3/8" wrench.
19. Cheater bar.
20. Bracer bar.
21. Tow strap.
22. Very large zip ties.
23. $15 First Aid kit.
24. Wire coat hanger (Don't laugh, I got a guy back to camp with one of those last year when he rattled loose a bolt out of his A-arm).
25. Small tire mounting lever (not pictured here). I don't actually hope to mount tires with it, I use it for digging bark out of the bead seal.
26. The Polaris toolkit that came with the ACE (also not pictured here).

Most of this junk fits in a small 12" x 6" x 4" Black & Decker tool bag. The rest sits in the bottom of the trunk, with LOTS of room to spare.

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I'm going to pack a small handsaw, like one you'd cut a Christmas Tree with. I swear some of these trails aren't 50" like they say. (I'll bring a tape measure too)

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roll toilet paper
2 flares
3 Utility Flames
1 container water proof matches
tow strap
electrical tape
band aids
50 rounds 9mm
100 rounds 22lr
rain poncho
jumper cable
small 12v air compressor
1 package tire plugs
1 tube rubber cement
Tire hole cleaner and plug insertion tool
pump bottle liquid bug spray (not the aeresol, it goes bad after a while)
work gloves
50 foot Blue Steel winch extension cable
$20 cash
1.75 gallons gas
flashlight (Using nimh LSD rechargable batteries)
hand saw
spare fuses
Polaris tool kit

I keep a kit like that on all my ATVs. Of all that crap, the only thing I've ever used are the tire repair parts and the work gloves.

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Folding shovel, trappers tool, molasses, tow rope, sun glasses, toilet paper(in a Ziploc), tools, plastic rivets, ratchet straps, motorcycle straps, bug spray, air compressor, tire plugs, fix-a-flat, flash light, small folding saw, machete, 3 ft. strap for winch, serrated rescue knife and GPS. All of this is off the top of my head, don't want to go out in the rain to check.
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