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Wheelchair Quadriplegic ACE

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Thought I might as well post up my ACE
I pickled up a cheap 325 and put an ez steer kit in and a set of radial hand controls. It worked but not great. Leg room was an issue and no upper balance called for a better seat. My knees were bumping the firewall so a steering extension and quick release wheel was next. It worked out ok so time for a harness to keep me in place after a couple of hairy moments.

it was all good an pretty easy fitup. I was hoping everything would transfer over to a 570 eps but not so lucky due to the power steer being directly under the steer column in the 570 but it came together ok.
Radial hand controls
Extended shift lever
Extended QR deep dish steering wheel
Key relocation on left
Sparko sprint seat.
Some fine tuning with Theo controls and it’s going to be just what I wanted.
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