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winch switch

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View attachment 623 i have a winch switch that`s gone bad. it is a 6 prong momemtary switch, there`s a row of three prongs with a wire on each prong, then there`s a row of three prongs
with no wires on them. my ? is, can i switch those three wires to the three prongs that have no wires on them, and the switch might work? thanks
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Check the switch with an ohm meter to verify the other poles of the switch are working.
There's a good chance that the same mechanism that controls one side also controls the other side and it will be dead in the same way.
It shouldn't be hard to find another switch that performs the same function. It just might not be the same size so you might have to re-work the box that the switch fits into.
You might even be able to find an exact replacement for that switch. Are there markings on the other side that you can do a Google search for?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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