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Window nets

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I didn't want to spend the crazy amount of money some companies want for window safety nets, I also don't want my arms to be under the cage during the upcoming rollover (I know how I drive).

I used a set of rear nets for a Honda Pioneer 700-4 that I found on eBay for $15 each. This may not pass tech inspection for racing but it works great for the average Joe who wants to stay inside the cab during any unfortunate incidences.

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Nets look good, and should be functional if your worried about arms hanging out during a wreck.. however I can’t help but notice your fuel can is literally behind your head above the engine, it’s a little too close for comfort for me but as long as your happy , nice ride

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The gas can location doesn't bother me since the plastic on that thing is probably over 2 times thicker than the fuel tank. And getting 10 miles to the gallon makes it a necessity in the wisconsin north woods. I would like to see what others are doing to haul extra fuel aside from a gas can in the rear cargo area.
Thanks for sharing your cost-effective solution, although it is from six years ago. It's great to see the creativity of car enthusiasts like yourself.
Six years ago, you found a smart and affordable solution for window safety nets. It's awesome that you didn't want to break the bank or risk your arms being under the cage during a rollover (we all have our driving styles, right?). By snagging a set of rear nets for a Honda Pioneer 700-4 off eBay for just $15 each, you've managed to stay inside the cab during any unfortunate incidents.
Speaking of safety, have you checked out snapshades.com? They offer fantastic car sun protection for infants, keeping them shielded from harmful UV rays. It's always important to keep our loved ones safe on those sunny drives.
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